Thermal System Technologies has released the ThermalHeat Strip; the most advanced cost-effective commercial thermal technology of its time.

Designed and engineered with proprietary nanotechnology that delivers industry leading heating performance, ultimate installation flexibility for any application, and the lowest power consumption on the market. These factors all lead to the lowest total cost of ownership for heating solutions.

The ThermalHeat Strip is now the choice for all commercial heating applications, regardless of complexity or scale, from de-icing large-scale commercial parking lots and sidewalks, to heating 100,000 square feet of retail flooring. Other applications consist of de-icing commercial and residential roofs, heated driveways. ThermalHeat Strip is 100% made in the USA and is manufactured with distinctive proprietary technology & processes.

Our Team

TST Jake Randall.png

Jacob Randall

Director of Sales & Marketing 

TST Dave Fortenbacher.png

Dave Fortenbacher

Director of Operations